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obsesiones-mias said:

Maybe she will give it to him framed as present? When she thinks he can handle it?

Possibly.  I actually don’t even care how she gives it to him just so long as she does.

ifitsnotlovethenitsthebomb said:

Actually, that’s one of the reasons I’m not a big fan of her. This is obviously a very personal item and she has no right to keep it. Should have given it to him straight away or left it with Jessica’s things.

In her defense, it wasn’t really a good time to give it to him when she had him pulled over, and then John did completely disappear for several days afterwards so it would have been kind of difficult to give it to him immediately.  And it probably would have been a little awkward to just give it to him afterwards; like “Oh hey, found this; thought you might want it back or something.”  ‘Course, it’s not really gonna be any less awkward giving it back to him NOW.

I can’t believe I just wrote a paragraph defending Carter.  o.O 

But yes, it is a highly personal item, and not one she should keep.  It belongs to John, and she needs to give it back.

And I just really want to see his reaction.  I’ll probably cry.  But that’s not really surprising.

  1. ifitsnotlovethenitsthebomb said: I’m sure there was more than one opportunity to give it to him if she wanted to. E.g. the time they were at the diner comes to my mind immediately. Or give it to Finch in an envelope or something so he can hand it over.
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