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ifitsnotlovethenitsthebomb said:

I’m sure there was more than one opportunity to give it to him if she wanted to. E.g. the time they were at the diner comes to my mind immediately. Or give it to Finch in an envelope or something so he can hand it over.

True that.  Yes, she could have (and should have).  Unfortunately though, she hasn’t yet, so I’m assuming that they have some sort of ‘big reveal’ planned for it later on.  Arg, just give it back to him already!  I NEED JOHN/JESSICA FEELS.

Well, not really.  I have plenty of feels without adding those to the mix, but really, you can never have enough John/Jessica feels.

  1. ifitsnotlovethenitsthebomb said: What you said. There’s no such thing as enough John/Jessica feels.
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